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“I’m not a Journalist”: Pakistani neo-miniaturist Imran Qureshi

“I’m not a Journalist”: Pakistani neo-miniaturist Imran Qureshi

A look at how the artist observes and interprets the violence he has witnessed in his homeland through his art.

The last few years have seen Pakistani artist Imran Qureshi’s work continue on an ever successful trajectory, gaining awards, attention and audiences worldwide. Art Radar ( considers his recent exhibitions and his twist on historic Mughal painting techniques, communicating powerful messages about modern day Pakistan.

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Ram Kumar, Untitled, 2014


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Conference Papers


Photography and Memory: The ‘Unsayable’ in the Work of Dayanita Singh, 2013-21, Association of Art History Conference, Goldsmiths, University of London, April 2022

Philanthropists and Patrons – The Future of the Indian Contemporary Market, The Art Market and the Global South: New Perspectives and Plural Approaches, The International Art Market Studies Association Conference, Lisbon, November 2019

Defining Contemporary Indian Art – A Transcultural Paradox? European Conference on South Asian Studies, Centre d’Etudes de l’Inde et de l’Asie du Sud National Research Institute, Paris, July 2018

Beyond Gender-Parity: The New Patrons of India’s Contemporary Art World, Christie’s Education Conference: ‘Celebrating Female Agency in the Arts’, New York, June 2018

A Sense of Self, a Sense of Place?  Issues of National Identity in Indian Contemporary Art in the Context of Cultural Globalisation, First Oriental Art Conference, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, October 2015

After Midnight: Indian Modernism to Contemporary India 1947/1997 at the Queen’s Museum, New York, Christie’s Education, New York, June 2015

A Sense of Self? A Study in Transcultural Curating: Indian Highway 2008-2012, Association of Art Historians Conference, University of East Anglia, April 2015

The Effects of Globalisation on the Market for Indian Contemporary Art, Burlington Magazine/Sotheby’s Institute Conference, London, October 2014

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Nivedita Dutta
Nivedita Dutta, Entrance for Destination, 2016

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